Video shooting at the Hoggar mountain, Tamanrasset, Algeria. Picture taken from the upcoming video clip "Lala Mina"

Hamid confirms once again that his musical caravan never stopped and shares his emotions experienced throughout his long musical journey in a new unique sound for this genre. "Tam Tam a Tam" is an album for all fans of World Music and a "must have" for true collectors.

cover1Hamid Baroudi "TamTam a Tam"
Release date: 2012

"The return of a pioneer"

Hamid Baroudi invites us to a journey through today's musical world without denying the past - the 21st century meets the traditional passion of flamenco, blues, jazz house and salsa grooves, influenced by african-american rhythms, colored by maghreb vocals.

Urban nomad, enfant terrible of the atlas - the City Touareg is back from an extraordinary musical adventure, returning with an breathtaking album full of psychedelic sounds and arrangements. "Tam Tam Tam" is a real boon to our ears, saturated with sarcastic views of the daily life in today's modern world. After traveling five years through five continents in search of new sounds and new musical directions, this is is the newest step of his musical journey and the long awaited return of the pioneer of world music.

12 original songs to join his journey through the continents. 50 minutes of rich musical heritage and ancient sounds will sometimes struggle you to find the true place in this rapid world.