The Pop Life, New York
By Neil Strauss

Best of the Rest HAMID BAROUDI, "City No Mad" (Barbarity, distributed by Stern's, 598 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10012): This latest offering of updated Arabic music is the self-styled hybrid of Algerian pop and Western disco of Mr. Baroudi, best known for his work as a lead singer of the Berlin-based band Dissidenten. With a robust and versatile voice, Mr. Baroudi twists his way gracefully through everything from hard disco beats to grand orchestral flourishes.

dB Magazine, Australia
by Michael Hunter

Exclusive to WOMAD, Algerian performer Hamid Baroudi was perhaps the one who I was most fascinated by, however. He described the voice as "the original instrument" and proceeded to use his own in some fine vocal gymnastics, particularly on the song Fatima, dedicated to his grandmother. Other songs featured more political topics, in keeping with Amnesty International's patronage of the festival - one in particular focussed on the murder of Bolivian journalists. Baroudi and band had a full contemporary rock/trance/world sound with some excellent kora playing by Karamo Kuyateh.

PC-Magazine, Singapore

‏Returning to WOMAD Singapore is Algeria's Hamid Baroudi who blew audiences away at the first WOMAD Singapore in 1998. Baroudi makes his comeback after years with a fearless concoction of the sounds of funk, drum 'n' bass and nomadic music of the deserts of North Africa. Able to effortlessly throw his cultivated Algerian vocals across Brazilian sambas, African makossa or moody Moroccan gnawa trance

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal
by Dan Behrman

The Spectrum does — the club was rocked on more than one occasion by Algerian Baroudi, and his German/Arab avant-beat
band. Now a solo artist (the Caravan to Baghdad album), he's a polyglot who sings in Arabic, French, English, Spanish and Wolof and is equally fluent in gnawa, chââbi and rock. In any language, it's a world party

Die TAZ, Germany
by Björn Döring

In Algerien ist er Popstar und einer der größten Förderer junger Talente, in England genießt er die Nestwärme eines Peter Gabriel, von dem er regelmäßig zum Womad-Festival oder in die heiligen Hallen des Realworld-Studios von Bath eingeladen wird. In Japan tüftelt Baroudi mit DJ Krush und Sakuma an Remixen und entwickelt darüber zumindest auf seinen Platten ein so modernes und elegantes Soundbild.

‏Liberté, Algérie

Il a refusé de troquer son passeport contre un visa au Canada. Le "nif" à l’algérienne de Hamid Baroudi
Il faut nous débarrasser de cette notion de clanisme et de régionalisme qui nous a toujours affaiblis.

El Watan, Algérie

Hamid Baroudi, le Dissident des Dissidenten, l’auteur de Caravan to Baghdad et de Khamsa, le baroudeur, défend l’honneur de la musique algérienne.

L'expression, Algérie

Hamid Baroudi, nous l’avons connu avec "Hakmet lakdar" et avec la mythique "Caravane To Bagdad". Après ses succès que personne ne contestera et à travers la chanson "Bladi" où il rend hommage à ce pays qu’il n’a jamais vraiment quitté. Cette fois-ci, il revient avec un autre album H'bal, une traversée des genres musicaux, allant du jazz au diwan, en passant par l’afro-latin.

WOMAD Festival Reading, UK

Hamid Baroudi is an artist whose music is an amazing mixture of nomadic cross-cultural influences. From his Algerian roots he is able to effortlessly throw his cultivated vocals across Brazilian sambas, African macossa or moody Moroccan gnawa trance, while being propelled forward by an intricate mix of funky dance rhythms. His groove is irresistible He came to prominence in the 80s with a German global fusionist group Dissidenten, early exponents of what later became dance electronica. Hamid has performed throughout the world and on his album ‘FIVE” he sings in five different languages, recorded in five different countries. Instinctively headed towards the future, the music of Hamid Baroudi continues its fascinating evolution.


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